Birthday Letter To A Daughter

It is believed that a girl is the greatest gift to parents. A daughter treasures and cares for her parents for life, hence, even they deserve to feel great and outstanding. A Birthday Letter to a Daughter is written by a parent or a guardian to express birthday wishes to his or her daughter. Writing a letter to one’s daughter on birthday shall be a perfect present for her.

Since daughters are very special, the birthday wishes letter should be written in such a way that the reader feels blessed after reading it. A Birthday Letter to a Daughter is a type of a personal letter; therefore, the writer can be extremely passionate while congratulating her on her birthday. The letter may also include certain happy memories to revive how pleasant the life has been with her. The letter should be concluded by once again wishing the daughter a wonderful birthday.

Birthday Letter To A Daughter – Sample

The following is a sample of a Birthday Letter to a Daughter.


Bryan Miller

543-Amherst Street,

Edmonton, CA 825645,




Rosalind Howard

23-Sedley Taylor Road,

Cambridge, CA 7676456,


Subject: Sweet Birthday Wishes to My Sweet Daughter

Dear Rosalind,

It seems like only yesterday that you were a sweet little kid, but now you have grown up and become a mother yourself. Ever since you got married, not a day has gone by when I have not felt your absence in the home. And today I miss you the most. I am writing to wish my precious daughter a very wonderful birthday and a great year ahead.

I remember when you were here and when I would come back home from work, you would rush and grab my bag. I recall how you would bring water to me and ask me about my day. Even now when I come back home, I always hope to see you first, but we are miles apart now. I hope you miss your old father too. I have always tried to fulfill your wishes, and I pray that you keep dreaming and I keep fulfilling all your dreams. I will pray for all your problems to be resolved and may you be always in the pink of health.

You have the responsibilities of your family, and I do understand how difficult it is for you to manage work and family together. On this birthday of yours, I want a special gift from you. I wish to spend quality time with my darling daughter. I hope you will come.

Always be blessed and happy.

Yours lovingly,


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