Birthday Invitation Letter

Birthday invitation letter

Birthday Invitation Letter:

A Birthday invitation letter is written to extend an invitation to a birthday celebration to someone important or special. Birthday Invitation Letter can be formal or casual depending on the status of the recipient. A letter of invitation is preferred over the standard commercialized birthday invitation card as it allows the sender to express his or her sincerity in the invitation. The invitation letter should state the details of the birthday including the time, venue, and date. Write the letter in the correct format and remember to thank the reader at the end. Also, ask the reader for confirmation on their presence at the birthday.

Be concise and exact in your points and the information that you need to get through. Do not unnecessarily write things that are not important in an invitation letter. Make it a point to send the letter a few days in advance so that the attendees could free their schedule to attend the birthday. Mention in your letter how important the receiver’s presence would be at the party and mention a few sweet memories of the times spent together in the past. Make the reader excited about the party so that he or she feels like attending it.

Birthday Invitation Letter – Sample

The sample Birthday Invitation Letter is given below:


T. J. Tucker

1537 Barfield Lane
Indianapolis, IN 46204


Especially for,

Mrs. Angeline Green

7658 Coral Street
Erie, PA 12205

Dear Aunt Angeline,

RE: Birthday Invitation

It is my pleasure to invite you to join my family and me in celebrating my mother’s upcoming 70th birthday on DD/MM/YYYY. We are planning a surprise birthday dinner for her at her favorite restaurant in uptown Indianapolis on that night at 8 pm.

Mom has been requesting an occasion where all her siblings and loved ones can get together for some fellowshipping. The family thought that her birthday would be ideal for that purpose instead of waiting for Christmas. Moreover, we have not got together with you or Uncle Joe since last Christmas.

I hope you can make it, Aunt Angeline. Mom would love to meet up with you again. She always mentions you and the lovely times you shared during your younger days.

I look forward to your favorable reply on this invitation.

Your nephew


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