Birthday Congratulations Letter

Birthday Congratulations Letter is written to express birthday wishes to someone who is very close to us, such as, a friend, relative or neighbor. The Birthday Congratulations Letter can also be written to extend birthday wishes to teachers as well as colleagues. A Birthday Congratulations Letter is written in a happy and cheerful tone, however, if the letter is formal in nature then care should be taken to keep the tone in accordance with the professional boundaries.

Since the birthday letter can be both formal and informal in nature, the language and expressions should be used accordingly. The letter should be structured into three sections. The introductory paragraph of the letter should open with warm birthday wishes for the reader. The central paragraph of the letter can incorporate blessings for another happy year. The letter should be concluded by wishing the reader once again. The writer may also choose to suggest plans for celebrating the birthday.

Birthday Congratulations Letter – Sample

The following is a sample letter of a Birthday Congratulations Letter.


Dipti Manchanda,

H-18/12, Green Park,

New Delhi- 110017



Gauri Bakshi

A-5/11, Hauz Khas,

New Delhi- 110023

Subject: Heartfelt Birthday Wishes

Dear Gauri,

I am writing to wish you a wonderful birthday and a brilliant year. Yes, I remember that your birthday is not today but on May 28, 2017. However, I was much too excited to wish you! I could not control my excitement for another two days to wish my little best friend.

Watching you grow up has been the sweetest phase of my life. You are nine years old now. You have grown up so quickly. I remember every bit of your growing up, from a sweet baby to a beautiful young girl. Time passes so quickly, it seems like only yesterday that you would fit finely into my arms. I will always pray for you to have a joyful journey. You are very special to me. I cannot come to meet you every day, but you must know that your aunt loves you and misses you a lot. I will come soon to meet you, and we will go out on a nice picnic. Celebrate your day with great enthusiasm and write back to me everything that you did with your friends at your birthday party.

You are the most adorable niece, and so you deserve an equally adorable present. Your present is on its way and shall reach you on your birthday. Keep guessing what it is!

Yours truly,


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