Birth Congratulations Letter

A Birth Congratulations Letter is written when a new baby is born to a couple. Birth Congratulations Letter is to congratulate them as they have their very own ultimate bundle of joy and also to congratulate them as they are parents now. Details regarding the newborn baby are enquired, and blessings are given to him/her. The mother too is asked about her health and given tips to take care of herself.

Since it is a joyous occasion, not only for the new parents but also for the family at large the letter has to be in a happy and joyful tone. The congratulations letter is either given personally or is couriered after the baby’s arrival. You can also add a gift like a baby kit including baby products like oil, powder, etc. to make your letter look much better and welcoming.

If you are confused as to how and what you need to write a Birth Congratulations Letter to congratulate the couple, a sample letter is provided below which shall be of great help to you.

Birth Congratulations Letter – SAMPLE


Samy Harp,

12, King Square,

Seventeenth road,

New York, USA.



Madeline Bing,

18, King Square,

Seventeenth road,

New York, USA.

Dear Madeline,

I am so happy to know that Harry and you have been blessed with a new baby boy in your family. I very well know how much you had been waiting for a child and I am so happy to hear that your prayers have been answered and you have been blessed with a baby boy.

Your entire family and in-laws also must be so happy for Harry and you. I cannot wait to see baby Marcus and how cute he must be. With those huge eyes and pink cheeks, he must be the most adorable baby I would have ever seen.

With this letter, I am adding a small box which contains a small bottle of baby shampoo and oil. You can use this oil for massaging the baby’s body to make his bones stronger. I have also added a few toddler toys which I hope young Marcus would like.

I hope to see Harry, Marcus and you soon once I return from my vacation.

William has also sent his best wishes and blessing for the baby. Once again, hearty congratulations to you and your family.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Samy Harp.

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