Bid Proposal Letter

Bid Proposal Letter


A Bid Proposal letter is written by a business, organization, individual or a company which wants to secure a business deal with another company through a bid proposal. The bid proposal letter consists of the relevant information on the business to be secured; it should be formally and professionally written with good bids offer for a favorable response.

This proposal letter to client must be extremely detailed stating which the company would like to advance a partnership with the company it is bidding at. Do mention in your letter the advantages of doing business in your company the performance of your company – especially over the last year or so. You could end the proposal letter by outlining the future plans of your company once the bidding is successful and what the aims and objectives of these projects are. The sample Bid Proposal Letter given below gives insight on how to write a professional bid proposal letter.

Bid Proposal Letter – Sample


Graham Watson
Sales Manager

Secure Services Industry

3661 Crim Lane
Fairborn, OH 45324

January 22, 2017


Garland Equipment

4315 Sarah Drive
Lafayette, LA 70506

Dear Sir / Madam

RE: Bid Proposal

We came across your advertisement in the Times of India dated January 11, for the sales of 49 percent of your company. We submitted our proposal for the same on the very next day. On behalf of Secure Services Industry, allow me to thank you for inviting us to propose our bid on the service contract which Garland Equipment is generating.

Secure Services Industry is a renowned company in the field of security. In the past year itself, the company has made a breakthrough by signing a contract with DLF for providing personalized security entry for their upcoming real estate project. Given our record in sales over the past year, we request you to kindly consider our application as your priority.

Enclosed with this letter is Secure Services Industry’s bid proposal on your service contract. After a detailed study of Garland Equipment’ needs and history pattern, Secure Services Industry is confident in understanding the important requirements of Garland Equipment. We, at Secure Services Industry, are confident in servicing Garland Equipment according to the terms of your contract tender. I am sure this partnership will be beneficial not just for us but for your company as well.

Please feel free to revert to us for any clarification on our bid proposal in the attachment. We are confident of offering you more than any of our competition with the proposed terms and conditions.

We look forward to your confirmed acceptance of our bid proposal.

Yours Sincerely

Graham Watson
Sales Manager

Secure Services Industry


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