Best Sales Letter

The purpose of a best sales letter is to be able to articulate your product in such a manner that it instantly makes your client or interest person to buy your product or service. This is also known as an elevator pitch- where all information regarding your sale is proposed in under a minute.

These sales letters are supposed to be extremely convincing. Hence the writer should ensure to be as persuasive as possible through his or her words. It is essential to provide every little detail about the product so that it can erase any doubt the client might have about the product. The product under consideration in this particular letter is a vacation package offered by a travel agency. The travel agency is giving details about the trip in a way that it convinces the reader to purchase the travel package for their holiday from this particular agency only.

Best Sales Letter – Sample

The sample sales letter is given below:


Mrs. Ramanan

South Towers




Desi Travel Agency

Tower 9


Subject: Travel Tour

Thank you for reaching out to us about a travel itinerary in Bali. We are glad that you chose us as your travel partner and we assure you, that we will not disappoint.

We are happy to inform you that Desi Travels has so far served 8 million happy customers. We have trips organized around the world, from Delhi to New York, we serve it all. Moreover, we offer you the best prices available in the market. In addition to our discounted rates, we try to specialize every deal of ours for each customer. Since you have requested for a trip to Bali, we will be giving you a hand made Indonesian bag specially crafted by the famous sisters of Bali.

We hope to make this trip as memorable as possible for you. We will be organizing a pickup and drop service to and fro the airport for you. In addition to that, we have ensured that your stay will be at Bali’s premium resort. To make sure there is nothing you lack we have ensured that there is at least one Indian restaurant in the locality you choose to reside in.

We will be offering you a seven-day package just for rupees 1,50,000 per person. This will include everything, from your flights, visas to your hotel booking and sight seeings as well. Please let me know if you would like any changes in your package.

Thank you




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