Best Romantic Letter

Romantic letters are letters that serve as a tool for you to convey your feelings to your partner. Romantic letters cannot in any way be annoying or lack the passion; it must be such that the reader can feel all sorts of emotions rushing through their blood vessels. It should be such that the reader at the end, brims with happiness and satisfaction. Romantic letters are filled with immense passion and love. It seeks to make one’s partner feel all the love one’s heart bears for them.

Agreed that there are people who find it difficult to say their feelings out loud, this is a means for those. It is a truth that all of us have romanticism embedded in us, the forms sure can be different, but we do have all that it takes to express our love, each one of us does have it. Below is a sample Romantic Letter that might come in handy for the same purpose.

Best Romantic Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of Best Romantic Letter



14, Brickwood Road,

Abu Dhabi.



Brush Alexander,

14, Brickwood Road,


Abu Dhabi.

Dear Brush,

How have you been? I’ve missed you so much lately. I can’t wait for you to be back here with me. I want to be in your arms and sleep next to you. I want to smell the roses with you, watch movies with you, play pillow fighting with you. Oh! I just can’t have enough of you. I miss your smile; I can’t stop looking at our photographs. I love you so much. Can’t wait to kiss that mole on the right side of your neck, I want to dance with you again. Let’s go for a dinner at the beach once you come back from your business trip. You’re like my knight in shining armor. After mummy and papa, if there’s anyone I consider most important, then darling that is you. Come back soon to meet me; I’m missing being around you all the time.

I have to tell you that I miss the food cooked by you. I want you to caress me, to cup my face and pull my cheeks. I want to hug you so much, right now, I want to do all that. I want to cook for you, get drunk with you and do all sorts of senseless acts in front of you. Come back soon; I want to go swimming and cycling with you and give you all my love. I will love all of you until the very end.

Yours only,



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