Behavior Apology Letter

A Behavior Apology Letter is written by an individual who has done something faulty and wishes to apologize to another person for his or her bad behavior. By writing an apology letter for bad behavior, one can apologize more freely. Also, an apology in written form is considered to be more sincere than a verbal apology. An inappropriate behavior could include acts, such as shouting on someone, lying to someone or hurting someone’s feelings.

The Behavior Apology Letter should begin by asking for an apology for the bad behavior exhibited. The central paragraph of the letter should incorporate the reasons which lead to the bad behavior. The writer should genuinely ask for forgiveness from the reader. The concluding paragraph of the letter should include a promise made to the reader that the writer will never act in such a way again in future. The tone of the letter must be kept polite throughout.

Behavior Apology Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of Behavior Apology Letter.


Roshan Singh

B-52, Swami Nagar,





Bobby K. Gupta

S-12, M. J. Sant Nagar,



Subject: Apology for Bad Behavior

Dear Bobby,

I am writing to apologize to you for my bad behavior towards you. My inappropriate behavior was not an act of deliberation. I am feeling very guilty about what I did; hence, I wish to say sorry to you for hurting your feelings.

Due to certain financial issues which I have been facing since last few months, my mood was not fine. I was so much in depression that I forgot your birthday as well. Unfortunately, I misbehaved with you on the day of your birthday. I do understand how sorrowful it would have been for you to know that your childhood friend had forgotten your birthday and also fought with you on the same day. I know that an incident such as this will never weaken our friendship, however, since I have committed a mistake, I must apologize to you for the same because you mean a lot to me. I do not want to lose you, and I also know that you will be by my side irrespective of my stupid acts and behavior.

Please forgive me this time too as you have always forgiven. I promise that I shall control my temper and never behave with you in such a manner ever again. Do let me know when we can meet to celebrate your birthday.

Yours lovingly,


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