Baseball Sponsorship Letter

A letter of sponsorship is written to request a prominent person or organization to sponsor a certain event. A Baseball Sponsorship Letter is a type of sponsorship letter written to put forward a request for the sponsorship of a baseball match. Writing an effective letter may help in securing the sponsorship for the event. Since this is a letter of request, it should be written in a polite and professional manner.

While drafting the Baseball Sponsorship Letter, certain guidelines should be followed. The writer must write the fundraising letter in such a way that it convinces the sponsor of the event that it is worth contributing, therefore, the writer may choose to tell the sponsor of benefits of the same. It is important for the receiver to know why he or she is being asked to sponsor the baseball event. Therefore, the writer must tell the receiver how he or she can be helpful for the event.

Baseball Sponsorship Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of a Baseball Sponsorship Letter.


Robert K. Pear


S. K. Victor School of Gradation,



Thomas Kaplan,

Business Development Manager,

Life Care Sports and Fitness Equipment Ltd.

Subject: Sponsor Opportunity for Baseball Match

Dear Mr. Thomas Kaplan,

I am delighted to announce you that S. K. Victor School of Graduation shall be arranging Spring Youth Baseball Match 2017 on Wednesday, May 27, 2017. Hence, the management of the school would be happy to offer to you an opportunity for sponsorship of the match as well as promotion of your reputed brand, Life Care Sports and Fitness Equipment Ltd.

As you would be knowing, Spring Youth Baseball Match, upheld by our school every year, is a very popular among the youth. The match has received great media coverage as well. The school team has also been active in winning several matches. We are very proud of the achievements that our students have brought to us. The management has performed efficiently in arranging the event and making it successful. However, the success of the event also relies on prominent organizations such as yours to fund the event. Hence, we request you to be our sponsor for the event this year. Since yours is a very well known brand; our team shall be pleased to wear your brand’s logo on the t-shirts. For further details, you can contact us on our telephone number 74638926.

We hope to hear a positive response from you.

Thanking you for your time.


Robert K. Pear


S. K. Victor School of Gradation

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