Bank Complaint Letter

A Complaint Letter is written by an individual to a company or an organization or even to a bank. The reason for writing this complaint letter is dissatisfaction or loss to the writer. As the complaint letter is written to the higher officials, it should be a formal one with a particular format. The tone of the writer should be appealing so that the recipient may find your problem important and can react in a positive way.

As mentioned the complaint letter is written to a bank official. The issue can be an unexpected error in his or her account balance, or about his or her loan statement etcetera. Before writing this Bank Complaint Letter against staff, the writer should have a clear knowledge to whom he or she should write the complaint. The writer should explain the recipient about his or her problem very clearly.  In the end, mention that you are expecting a quick and positive action from recipient side.

Sample Bank Complaint Letter

The sample of Bank Complaint Letter is given below:



9-3, Geetha Residency,






Branch Manager,

SBI Bank, Madhapur Branch,


Subject : Account balance Mismatch for account no: XXXXXXXXX

Dear Avinash,

I am Nikhil working as an Assistant Software Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services. I opened a self-account in your bank at Madhapur Branch last year. The main reason to write this letter,  is I have seen an error in my account ( Account No: XXXXXXXXXX  ; Type: Savings ) balance in the last two months i.e in the months of June and July. The actual amount that should be available in my account is 34,000 but now the balance in my account is 30,000. From the last two months, 2,000 rupees was deducted from my account. I accurately know and remember that I have not used my ATM card for money withdrawal for the last two months. And there is more amount in my account than the minimum amount that should be available for not bearing the low balance charges on mine account.

This is the first time I am facing this type of issue and to my surprise, I haven’t expected this kind of error in your banking service. Therefore I am writing this letter to request you to look into this issue as I have lost my money for no reason. As your bank is known for its good customer service I hope that you will rectify this issue as soon as possible. If you are having any doubts in this letter you can contact me at the above address or you can call me on 8529634712. Thank you for taking your time to read this letter. Hope to hear a quick and positive reply from you.

With Regards,


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