Bad Check Collection Letter

Bad Check Collection Letter



A Bad Check Collection letter is usually written by a financial institution like a bank or a company that received your cheque which bounced. The bad check collection letter is written to inform the recipient of the bad check to collect the bad check and submit another check for the outstanding payment that was meant to be settled. It is written at the earliest so that the necessary arrangements can be made as quickly as possible and the transaction process is not halted. A customer expects to be informed on time about a cheque being bounced. A request is made to rectify the mistake as soon as possible so that the amount can be transferred.

Bad Check Collection Letter meant to simply inform the other person of the issue thus it is very crisp and precise. It is not too long. The letter needs to be formal and professional in nature. Such a letter is the easiest and the most effective way to communicate with the person at fault. Such a letter is written and signed by an authority at the bank. It reflects greatly on the bank’s professionalism if the letter is written within a quick span and delivered on time. It then helps to amend the issue and speeds up the transaction process. Use the sample below to write your Bad Check Collection Letter.

Bad Check Collection Letter – SAMPLE


Lucy D. Smith

Grand Grocery Enterprise

12 Oak Drive
Albany, NY 12210

January 22, 2011


Cynthia K. Arsenault

2730 Gorby Lane
Jackson, MS 39201

Dear Sir/Madam,

RE: Collection of Bad Check

This letter serves to inform you that your recent check (No. 780938) that was sent to settle your monthly grocery payment of $250.00 was returned to us from the Oaksfield Bank today.

The reason for the returned check was insufficient funds in your bank accounts. The transaction couldn’t be completed, and this led to the cheque being bounced.

May we request your kind cooperation to come in, to Grand Grocery’s main office at Oak Drive sometime this week during office hours to collect your bad check and to submit a good one, please?

You have been a long time patron of Grand Grocery and we are sure that this is a simple oversight on your part. We would appreciate your prompt action to settle the payment before our month end closing of accounts. We request cooperation from your side.

Thank you for using Grand Grocery products & services.

Yours sincerely,

Lucy Smith

Customer Relations Officer

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