Baby Shower Invitation Letter

An invitation letter is a letter written to a known person or a friend or a colleague. This letter is written to invite them to a party or for an occasion to your house or somewhere else where you held the function. The Invitation Letter should contain the minimum details like where the party will be held and when it will be held. As it is written to known the person it can be an informal letter.

A baby shower invitation letter is written when the writer or wife of the writer is expecting delivery and given the due date. Baby Shower Invitation Letter is written majorly to close persons to you as it is a personal occasion. As mentioned earlier the date and time when the party will be held and where it will be held should be mentioned. In the end, mention that they should come for the party compulsorily.

Sample – Baby Shower Invitation Letter:

The sample for Baby Shower Invitation Letter is given below:



9-e, Sri Sai Apartments,



Date: 5/8/2017



2-d, Srujuna Enclave,

Anna Nagar,


Dear Harika,

How are you, my dear friend? I am fine here and hope the same from you. I am writing this letter to invite you to my first baby shower on 20th of this month as the due date is 28th of this month. It has been nearly one year since our meet. After my pregnancy news also you did not come to see me. As I know that you are too busy in your work, I was convinced but now for this occasion, you should be here at any cost.

As you are the only friend I have from my childhood, I would love to see you on this occasion at least two days before so that can you can help me with the arrangements. Let me know about your leave approval so accordingly I will book for your flight tickets.

Keep me updated about your flight timings so that I will send my driver wto pick you up. Come as soon as possible dear I want to meet you. How are uncle and aunt? Give my regards to them.

With Love


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