Baby Announcement Letter

In every family, the birth of a baby is marked as a joyous occasion. It is a moment to be celebrated to the fullest! The occasion calls for writing Baby Announcement Letter to every member of the family announcing the date of the child’s birth. This is an even bigger deal in families that are giving birth to their first child!

Such letters expect you to write an elaborated form of your emotions. They allow you to be as happy and excited as you’d like to be. It is advised to attach as many pictures as possible of the new baby. This should especially be done for relatives who live far away and can not visit at the earliest. Update the family members on the baby, such as mentioning the gender of the baby, the weight, eye color, etc. Follow the sample of Baby Announcement Letter given below to write your customized version of the same!

Baby Announcement Letter – Sample


Kushagra Kumar

Flat 980

5th Avenue

New York



Sameer Sen

89th Floor, Glass towers


Subject: Baby announcement Letter

Dearest Kushagra,

Last night Nisha gave birth to a baby girl. Nisha & I have decided to name her Mehr, after our great aunty Mehr. She was a formidable woman, a force to reckon with. So graceful, so independent. That is exactly how I want my daughter to grow up to be. So why not start with naming her after one of the most prominent leading figures in our lives?

She was born at 10:32 pm at St Mary’s Hospital. She weighs 6 pounds and has big brown eyes. Mom said she looks exactly like Nisha when I was born. She already has hair on her head! She is beautiful Kush, and I can not wait to introduce her to her beloved uncle.

Thank the god; the delivery was normal and stress-free. The doctors are keeping the baby and the mother under observation for the next 48 hours after which we will be heading home. Do you think you will be able to visit us next week? I hope it is not too hectic for you given your schedule.

Aksh is delighted to be a big brother of a new baby girl. It has only been a day, and he already is so protective of her! He won’t let anyone near her unless they have washed their hands, hahaha.

Can’t wait to see you.

Lots of Love


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