Award Recommendation letter, Sample & Format

Award Recommendation letter


An Award is a prestigious honor bestowed only upon a handful, select few individuals for their contributions and achievements for a particular cause or field of expertise. Regardless of the scope or magnanimity of the award, they are decided by a select roster of judges and critics who decide a winner based on various criteria as well as recommendations from other reliable and noteworthy individuals. When it comes to awards within a company, group or institution, the procedure for selection remains the same with emphasis on an individual’s contributions and success.

An Award Recommendation letter can be written by a company or an individual to recommend another individual or company for an award. It could be a business or bravery award. The Award Recommendation letter should state the reasons for the recommendation and the letter should be addressed to the Community or Business Awards Committee which is in charge of selecting the winning candidate.

Award Recommendation Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of an Award Recommendation Letter.


Awards Committee

Social & Community Welfare

Local Council

Pittsburgh, PA 15222



Frances K. Oden


Pittsburg Residents Association

4196 Jacobs StreetPittsburgh, PA 15222

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Subject:  Community Award Recommendation


Dear Sirs,

I understand that the local council gives out an award annually to some of its residents who have performed outstandingly in the community, helping to improve it and support others when necessary.

It would be my pleasure to recommend Mr. Eli Joseph for this year’s award, in recognition of his unfailing efforts in assisting the homeless in the community for the past six months, especially during the flooding season. He is a shining beacon of inspiration for us all with his relief efforts and volunteer work at various charitable institutions in and around the city. Although he is a retired 69 years old, Mr. Eli was seen at the community center daily from March to August 2010 to assist the homeless and displaced flood victims. His caring attitude is to be applauded.

Despite his age and physique, he still manages to offer assistance in ways that people far younger than him would hesitate. His undying sincerity and commitment to a cause that he has actively been part of for over a decade is a testament to his character and kindness. Hence, I would recommend him for the council’s Community Award for this year.

Thank you for your kind consideration on my recommendation.

Yours sincerely

Frances K. Oden


Pittsburg Residents Association

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