Award Certificate Template

An Award Certificate is a professional document which recognizes the skills and abilities of a person in a particular field and period of time. The award certificate may also be presented to a person for performing exceptionally well in a given work. It is usually written by an employer of a certain organization to his or her employee or by a teacher to his or her student. Certificates of this kind help in enhancing the performance of that employee as well as encourage others also to improve.

The award certificate should begin by stating the person to whom it is being given. The act done by the person which is being recognized should be mentioned in brief. The awarding organization should congratulate and thank the receiver for his or her performance. The certificate should be concluded by wishing the person a favorable future. The tone of the content should be polite as well as encouraging.

The following is a sample of Award Certificate.


Sample Award Certificate


To whomsoever it may concern

This Certificate of Best Employee of the Year 2017 Award is, hereby, granted to Mrs. Gauri Khan by Focus Books Publishing House, India, on September 28, 2017, in recognition of her supreme performance during the year 2016-2017.

Mrs. Gauri Khan became the Senior Project Manager of Focus Books Publishing House on July 23, 2014. Under this position, she has been responsible for managing the initiation of the projects as well as guiding the team of subject matter experts to design developmental plans and ensure the completion of these projects within the respected time periods.  The faith of the management in the confidence of Mrs. Khan also introduced her to the duty of directly interacting with the clients. Along with the management, her colleagues too hold the opinion that she is efficient and her strong leadership skills have always been tremendous.  The partners of the organization believe that the quality of the books has been increasing and excelling the name of Focus Books Publishing House.

This award is presented every year to the employee who demonstrates his or her excellence throughout the duration. It is a pleasure to present the award to an employee as dedicated and committed as Mrs. Gauri Khan. There is no doubt that her esteem has attained her this recognition for the second time. It is believed that the achievement shall encourage her to always perform excellently and bring promising outcomes to the organization.

Thanking you.

Adnan Gandhi,

Managing Director,

Focus Books Publishing House

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