Authorization Letter

Authorization Letter


An authorization letter is written to allow one party to perform a task on behalf of another party who may not be free or physically present to do the required work. The authorization letter will need to contain relevant identity information before the bearer is allowed to carry out the task. It is essential to give clear and accurate instructions about the authority that you are handing over to the other person to carry out a task. To authorize the letter, you need to include your signature and the date without which the letter would not hold any importance. The authorization letter can be issued to anyone a professional, friend, junior employee, etc.

The format of the letter depends whether it is formal or informal. The formal letter will have a Specific format that needs to be followed while the informal letter can be written the way your heart says.

While writing a professional authorization letter, you should always make use of official and straightforward language for the reason that in such letter you are dealing with some serious problems. The professional authorization letter is mainly written by the government organization, legal offices, banks, etc. This letter is related to some legal matters and so while writing such a letter you need to refer relevant laws. Below mentioned is the sample letter that will help you write an effective letter of authorization.

Authorization Letter – Sample


Jane Menon

27 Steele Avenue
Burr Ridge, IL 61257



Ryan Thames

Processing Officer

United Bank

2173 Forest Street
Nashville, TN 37027

Dear Mr. Thames

RE: Authorization Letter

I, Jane Menon, am authorizing Ms. Hannah Menon, my sister to withdraw one thousand dollars ($1000.00) from my savings account (SA no.: 7-390-2938) on my behalf as I am hospitalized. Her social security number is HN-029-3929-499.

Attached are copies of the medical reports of my current condition that does not permit me to make the withdrawal personally. I need the amount to settle my hospitalization fees.  You may contact me at this cell number (019280340) for further clarification. Please send a copy of the approved transaction to my home for future verification.

Thank you for your kind cooperation. I shall release all liability from United Bank on this matter after it complies with my request.

Yours Sincerely,

Jane Menon

Social security number: JH-308-2038-874

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