Authorization Letter behalf, Sample & Format

Authorization Letter behalfAn Authorization letter is usually written to request another person to conduct a task on the sender’s behalf. The sender might not be available to perform the work personally and hence, writes the authorization letter giving the details of the task bearer and the task to be carried out with an appropriate reason for his absence.


Christina Arlington

1184 Joanne Lane
Boston, MA 02110

May 15, 2010


Celia Dubois

KOSE Cosmetics

4397 Ray Court
Burgaw, NC 28425

Dear Ms. Dubois

RE: Letter of Authorization for Collection of Prize

Thank you for your good news of my winning the second prize in your products’ recent competition. I am delighted to have won the KOSE cosmetics product hamper worth $350.00

However, due to my busy work schedule, I am unable to come personally to collect my prize as I finish work quite late in the evenings. I would like to authorize my sister, Ms. Farah Arlington, of social security number: HR93023004A, to collect my prize hamper on my behalf.

She will carry a copy of this letter for your confirmation.

Thank you for your kind cooperation. And thank you again for the prize.

I shall be happy to promote KOSE cosmetics as I use them all the time.

Yours Sincerely,

Christina Arlington

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