Asking for Recommendation letter, Sample & Format

Asking for Recommendation letterAn asking for recommendation letter is usually written by an individual to another requesting for a recommendation of self for some purpose such as further studies or job application. The requestor must know the recipient sufficiently well to request such a letter which carries a lot of weight for the application intended. There must be a good relationship between the two parties.


Carl Ramsey

993 Johnson Street
San Diego, CA 93948

February 10, 2011


Professor Holmes

Dean, Department of Arts

San Diego University

93 Lakeside Avenue

San Diego, CA 93811

Dear Sir

Re: Recommendation Request

I trust that this letter finds you well. I am one of your graduates from the class of 2010. I am writing to request a recommendation from you to assist me in my career advancement.

After my graduation, I worked as a curator for the local museum. I have learned a lot during my ten months of employment, applying a lot of history knowledge which I gained under your tutelage. I am glad to have paid attention to your history information.

Now, I would like to advance my career with an international museum which requires a recommendation from my professors. You are my preferred recommender as I did well in your subjects and you know me well.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours sincerely

Carl Ramsey

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