Asking for a Reference Letter

Asking for a Reference Letter


References make the entry to the professional world smoothly, be it a job at a reputed organization or higher education at a recognized institution. Asking for a Reference Letter is usually a request from an individual who has intentions to move on in his/her career or there is an event in which he/she would like to participate but requires a reference from a notable figure. This asking for a recommendation letter from the recipient needs to be done politely and humbly.

Certain guidelines should be followed to make the letter enhanced and impressive. The recommendation letter should be asked for very politely. The receiver should be informed of the event or purpose for why a reference is being asked and why he or she shall be the most suitable person to recommend the writer. Also, if the receiver is preoccupied to pen down a reference, then he or she should be requested to provide another reference for the writer.

Asking for a Reference Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of Asking for a Reference Letter.


Kennedy Fraser

Texas Instruments and Services

40-Mid Valley Road,

Austin, TX 73500,




Eli J. Walter


Pro Consulting Services

1658-Elkview Drive,

Fort Lauderdale, FL 3330,


Subject: Request for a Reference Letter

Dear Mr. Eli J. Walter,

Thank you for being a strong supporter of Texas Instruments & Services. We are pleased to have served you and your esteemed organization well for the past four years. I am writing to request a kind reference from you for the purpose of a job tender.

The tender is a public one from the Austin Council which requires absolute reliable references for tender allocation consideration. I believe that you are for my request based on the good business relationship that we have been enjoying. The essential reference by the Austin Council is to be filled in the form which I am enclosing along with this letter. I understand that you are preoccupied with certain important projects, in case you are not in a position to provide me with a reference letter, kindly supply me with another influential person for the same.

Also, it would be very kind of you if you could directly forward the reference form to the Austin Council before the end of the month. The address and postage have been affixed accordingly with this letter. For any other information, I can be reached at **********.

Thank you for your kind cooperation which will not go unheeded.

Yours sincerely,

Kennedy Fraser

Texas Instruments and Services

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