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Approval LetterIntroduction

An approval letter is written by an individual or an organization on anything that they approve on. For example, in case you have given a proposal about something to your company, they may write back to you about being approved or not. This kind of approval letter is written in response to the request letter made by the other person or company. It is essential for you to respond to a letter of request sent to you by an individual or a company. It can be formal or informal. No matter which form it is, you need to be simple, straightforward and accurate.

An approval letter is simple to draft. There are a few important things that will help you write an effective letter. The content of the letter should be concise, and it should include all the necessary details. Make certain to maintain the professional and formal tone because you are corresponding with someone with whom you will be working in the future. It is a good sign to start the professional relation on a good note.

Approval Letter – Sample

The sample of Approval Letter is given below:


Michael Boone


625 Park Avenue NG34 4OQ LEASINGHAM



Jacob Stubblefield

Store Supervisor

Scarlet Sports Services

Dear Jacob,

This letter is in response to the letter that you wrote to us on the DD/MM/YYYY. We are happy to inform you that we grant you the eligibility to the replica frames for participation in IUY Sports Series being held on DD/MM/YYYY.

We completely understand that you would have many doubts and those can be answered by our representative on **********. Before this, we would request you to check out the official website that has a list of frequently asked questions. If there is anything else, you can contact us on the contact mentioned above number or email us at

The rules of the event are listed on the website, and we would like you to go through it to make certain that your participation is trouble-free. Also, we would like to announce that your frames can be listed under the Race category for the upcoming event on DD/MM/YYYY for which you wished to participate as well.

Kindly write back to us to confirm the availability. In case there are questions do not hesitate to contact us on the contact mentioned above number or email address.

Thanks and regards,

Michael Boone


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