Approval Letter, Sample & Format

Approval LetterAn Approval letter is written in response to the request made by another. It is a formality in many businesses to respond to a letter of request with a letter of response for record purposes. The approval letter can be precise and simple in response to the request issue.


Michael Boone

Human Resource Manager

Scarlet Marketing Services

625 Park Avenue
NG34 4OQ

September 21, 2010.


Jacob Stubblefield

Store Supervisor

Scarlet Marketing Services

Dear Jacob,

RE: Leave Approval Letter

This letter serves to inform you that your leave application for the days December 15-30, 2010, a total of 15 days, has been approved.

Please ensure that all your work and responsibilities are completed well with your department head’s approval before you start your leave. You will return to work on December 31, 2018.

From our records, you still have five days annual leave outstanding. You are advised to clear any remaining leave for this year before January 20, 2011; otherwise, they shall be forfeited.

Have a safe holiday!

Yours faithfully,

Michael Boone

Human Resource Manager

Scarlet Marketing Services

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