Appreciation Thank You Letter

An Appreciation Thank you letter is written as a reply to the one who wrote an appreciation letter to you on your success. The recipient of the letter can be your family member or your friend or your colleague or even your business competitor. Hence Appreciation Thank You Letter can be formal as well as informal one. When you write an appreciation letter to closed ones, there is no need to follow a particular format but when you write this letter to a business person, it should be well formatted and written.

When you are writing an Appreciation letter to your family member, you can ask about their well-being and can discuss family matters. If you are writing this letter to your friend, you can talk about his or her career and can give suggestions if they are in need of any. If you are writing this letter to a business person, it is better to wish luck for them in their business.

Appreciation Thank You Letter – Sample

The sample for an Appreciation Thank You Letter is given below:



9-c, Geet Apartments,



Date: 5/8/2017



2-b, Apple Homes,

Sanath Nagar,


Dear Mahesh,

Hai friend, how are you? I am fine here, and I know you are fine over there. I received your appreciation last night, and I know it is for my recent promotion. I want you to know that I felt very happy reading the letter you sent. Its proud moment when someone appreciates us for our success.

How is your family? It has been one year since we met. I would love to meet you and your family. Let’s have the family get together sometime at my place. Also, its pleasure to inform you that I bought a new apartment recently, and we will shift there soon. I will share the details along with house warming invitation. Please do plan to come at that time. The date is not yet decided so I will inform you as soon as the date is fixed. How is your wife Sailaja? How is your son?

Convey my regards to your wife and love to your son. And once again thank you for the appreciation letter for my success. I wish you all the best for your future work. Hope to see you soon.

With Love,


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