Appreciation Letter To Vendor

Appreciation is the act of recognizing someone’s merit, their good things or it is an act of understanding and feeling someone’s worth. Appreciation is loved and cherished by everyone, and an appreciation letter to the vendor is written to express admiration for the unfailing services provided by them and to appreciate for the regular supplies of the best qualities of the products and services. Writing an appreciation letter shows the company’s/ organization’s gratitude for the services provided by the vendor. A warm and friendly appreciation letter will help to maintain a positive and pleasant relationship in the business and towards works.

Thanking and appreciating the vendor for providing the supplies on time and for their fabulous work and support will make them feel like an important part of the organization, they will get motivated and will always be in the energetic mood to help in the growth of the organization.

Appreciation Letter To Vendor – Sample

The following is the sample letter of Appreciation Letter To Vendor.


Brand’s Tree,

Lake Road,

Patna, Bihar.



Alka Raman,

Manager, Service Vending Company,

Nucleus Road,

Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Subject:- Letter for the appreciative support and help.

Dear Alka,

Please accept this letter as an appreciation of the services provided by you to our company Brands Tree.

In these three years, you have always been with us, telling us about the taste and needs of the customers, introducing us the new brands of the garments and teaching us the method to maintain the price rates to attract customers. Your interior designing and out of box thinking skills have enhanced the beauty of our mall and helped us to move forward.

We sincerely appreciate the hard work and efforts involved by your company, from ordering supplies to helping us with the purchasing of the different brands of the clothes and listing them as per the choice of the customers and teaching us the fashion trends.

Our business has flourished and is on peak since we established our contract three years ago. We have received positive response and feedback from our customers and have been awarded the best brand’s shop in the city. This was all possible due to the services provided by your Service Vending Company.

Thank you for your appreciative support and assistance to our company. We look forward to continuing to work together.


Margaret Martin,

Founder, Brand’s Tree,

Patna, Bihar.

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