Appreciation Letter To Trainee

More than often it is a practice for corporate offices, firms and companies to hire interns or trainees. They are known as graduate trainees and are taken for the purpose of completing a short assignment or when the company needs extra hands on deck in case of mounting work for a period of time.

These are not full-time employees but work with the firm as part-timers. The trainees in return benefit from such internships as they get exposure to their desired field and get a chance to master a new skill set. For their contribution, it is courteous to write the trainees an appreciation letter at the end of their internship. This aim to praise the trainee for the projects they have undertaken, the campaigns they have worked on and the overall contribution they have made to the company/firm. It is advisable to mention the dates from which the trainee has worked and should be signed by the highest authority under which the trainee has worked.

Appreciation Letter To Trainee – Sample

The sample for Appreciation Letter To Trainee is given below:XYZ Company

XYZ Company

Cyber City


12th June 2017




Subject: Appreciation Letter

Ms. Sharma

This letter is to certify that Ms. Payal Sharma worked with XYZ Company Pvt Ltd as a Human Resource trainee for a period of 6 months starting from 2nd January 2017 to 1st June 2017.

In her time here, Payal has shown some exceptional management skills. She was responsible for several projects some of which included framing the leave policy of the company, looking after the employee list and carrying out employee mapping for several positions in different departments of the firm.

She single-handedly organized Hackathon to recruit senior Android developer. She looked over the branding, reach and execution of the entire campaign in association with ABC company in Chennai. Furthermore, the company at the time was working on building a business development team of 50 from scratch. Payal was involved in the recruiting process and interviewed several candidates. She has a good read on people, and due to her efforts, the company was able to hire seven business development employees.

Payal is a smart girl. The skills and dedication with which she worked are hard to find. She has not missed a day of work in her time with us. She does not mind staying after hours or working on weekends to complete an assignment. She is committed to whatever she puts her mind to and executes it well.

Due to this, the company would like to offer a job as a human resource associate. We hope you consider our offer. More details about the same can be discussed in person. We thank you for your contribution.

Achin Khanna

Human Resource Director


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