Appreciation Letter to the Nurse

Introduction :

When we get sick or suffer from an injury, it’s the love and care after getting the proper medication that helps us in gaining back our strength. After diagnosis by the doctors, it’s the nurse who takes proper care of us till we admit in the hospital. Our family is surely there but the nurse, who is not related to us by any means, see to it that we do as the doctor has suggested and helps us recover as soon as possible.

An appreciation letter to the nurse is a formal/ informal letter, depending on the type of bond one creates with the nurse during the time of their stay at the hospital, which appreciates the good job done by the nurse and also to thank them for all the love and care they showered on a stranger. It is considered as a good gesture as it makes the other person feel good about themselves and their profession.

Appreciation Letter to the Nurse – Sample

The following is the sample of an appreciation letter to the nurse.



Simran Khurana,

A-4, TY Hills colony,




Shweta Gupta,

Senior Nurse,

Dayanand Hospital and research center, Dehradun.

Subject – Appreciation Letter.

Dear Shweta,

Warm greetings from my side. I hope the hospital environment is treating you well and you are taking care of the patients just as lovingly you took care of me. I have always hated being in hospitals, but circumstances were such that I had to be admitted. However, this time something good came out of it.

I am writing this letter to thank you for being more of a friend than a nurse. You don’t know, but it was only because of your constant affection and care that I was able to recover this soon. My family lives miles away, and I didn’t want to worry anyone of them by telling about my situation. Thanks to you, I didn’t need to inform them. You treated me like your younger sister, and I felt that I was at home during sickness. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I do hope that we stay in touch as I would like to keep meeting you despite being discharged from the hospital. I found a good companionship in your company, so give me a call whenever you are free. I shall be there.

Yours Sincerely,

Simran Khurana,

A-4, TY Hills colony,


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