Appreciation Letter To The Company


An appreciation letter to the company is a letter written to the company by its customer to appreciate them for their way of handling the clients and ensuring their satisfaction. Appreciation Letter To The Company is a formal letter. This type of appreciation letter will encourage the receiver and boost his/ her morale to serve in a similar fashion to ensure the clients’ goodwill. It is usually written to the head or owner of the company.

A few companies care deeply about their clients, and if there is such a company that does so, it will make them feel good to be acknowledged for their efforts. The tone of the letter should be polite and humble. Be formal and make sure you sound sincere and genuine. Cross check your letter for any discrepancies or any mistakes. Choose your words carefully so that the receiver feels appreciated after reading it.

Appreciation Letter To The Company – Sample

It is a sample of Appreciation Letter To The Company.


Matt Donavan,

Oranjees Foods & Beverages,

26/1, Omaze Towers,

Broadway, New York.

4 May 2017


Frank Kennedy,

MOC Consultancy,

871, Petronas Towers,

Baker Street, New York.

Subject: Appreciation for your work

Dear Mr. Kennedy,

It has been six long years since we walked into your office and you took our company Oranjees Foods & Beverages as your client and helped us in marketing our products. It has been quite a roller-coaster ride. But you, my friend never let us down. You helped us in establishing us on the top of the pyramid of foods and beverages.

We have increased our sales many folds. It looks like in the next few years we will establish our company’s monopoly in the market. Our products have received a lot of awards due to their supreme quality than the other in the same segment. You helped us by coming up with out of the box marketing strategies to entice customers, sound financial advice to maximize our profits while decreasing the manufacturing cost.

We are very grateful to you for your support. You have always kept our needs in front of yours and helped us in doing a great business. We hope to continue our association for the upcoming years. We are euphoric and thankful for your advice and your services. May God bless both of us, and we continue to do business together.

Once again, a great thanks and appreciation for your efforts.

Thanking You,

Yours Sincerely,

Matt Donavan.


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