Appreciation Letter To Teacher

An appreciation letter to a teacher is written by a student, principal or a parent of the student to appreciate the teacher for the efforts he/ she put in for the growth of the student. Appreciation Letter To Teacher is a formal letter. Considering the hard work teachers put in a small token of appreciation will go a long way to keep them motivated to perform better and give their best.

A teacher is a fundamental part of the society. In his/ her hands lies the future of any society as they shape the kids to make them ready for future and sustain themselves. Keep the letter short and simple. Take utmost care that you sound genuine and not like you are flattering them. Check your appreciation letter again for any type of errors as it will reduce the effect of the words of your letter. Keep the letter formal and polite.

Sample Letter

The following is a sample of Appreciation Letter To Teacher.


Caroline Forbes,

Mystic Falls High School,

21/1, Pivet Drive,

Mystic Falls, Virginia

4th May 2017


Mr. Alaric Saltzman,

History Teacher,

Mystic Falls High School,

34/1 Monet Drive,

Mystic Falls, Virginia

Subject: Appreciation for your teaching

Respected Sir,

This is Caroline Forbes. You taught me history during my last two years of high school. I have now graduated from school and I am going to join college but I will never forget your teachings and your hard work to help us in performing well. I was an average student and I was hesitant to take history as a subject but you encouraged me and showed confidence in me. Not only did I take history but also scored good marks and now I have decided to pursue my bachelor’s degree in the same subject.

You are a very good teacher. You were patient with me and inspired my interest in history. I am very grateful for your contribution in my academic achievements which wouldn’t be outstanding but for your support and teachings. I would like to appreciate you for the work you put in me. Now I am heading off to college but I will always remember what you taught me.

When I will come back for holidays I will definitely meet you. Thanks a lot teacher for your knowledge. I will be forever grateful to you. I hope I can be like you someday as you are my inspiration and be the same for other people of perhaps my own students. I bow my head to you.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Caroline Forbes


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