Appreciation Letter to Career Counselor


A career counselor is one who acts as a mentor, a guide, a coach and a teacher in the whole process of figuring out your career.  Choosing a particular path or a career can be pretty daunting which is why one may turn to a career counselor for guidance. These counselors go through every single past life achievements of yours. They do everything, from helping you build your CV to prepping you for your first job interview.

It is for this precise reason that you owe them a lot. It is considered courteous to write them an appreciation letter where you express your gratitude for their un-waivered support through every step of the way. Appreciation Letter to Career Counselor allow you to be informal to a certain extent- this usually depends on your relationship with your counselor. Refer to the sample Appreciation Letter to Career Counselor given below to write your customized version of the same.

Appreciation Letter to Career Counselor – Sample

The sample Appreciation Letter to Career Counselor is given below:


Career Guiders

Plot 16, DLF Ph 2




Flat 19, BP II

DLF Ph 2

Gurgaon- 12233

Subject: Appreciation Letter

Respected Sir,

You are the first person I am writing to after hearing the news. Yes, you have guessed it right. I got offered a position of a business analyst at the Boston Consulting Group, Gurgaon.

Sir, the moment I received my offer letter, it was you who popped into my head. You are the reason why I have got this job today. I still remember, approaching you in my first year of college. I was completely confused as to what I eventually wanted to pursue in life. I had several options- Music, Human Resources, Marketing and of course consulting. So many dreams with no work to support them.

After our first meet itself, you started investing your time and effort in me. You have helped build my CV. My grades had hit an all new low that semester, and the only reason why it looked up in the subsequent semesters was that of your unconditional support and guidance.

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. If it were not for you, I would have never made it into Indian School of Business and never would have landed this position at BCG. I owe my success completely to you.

Thank you once again for all that you have done for me. I am sure I can always look up to you in times of need.

Thank you

Ashish Kumar

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