Appreciation Letter To Boss

Appreciation letter to Boss


Appreciation is a very strong, positive emotion that can motivate a person and improve a person’s standing in the eyes of others. It can strengthen bonds and while it is a relatively trivial task, it can have a profound effect on the recipient. Appreciation is also a strong tool in the workplace, as it can induce a sense of camaraderie and is a strong motivation. If one wishes to express his/her appreciation for a colleague or superior, the most accepted way is by means of writing a letter conveying their appreciation for the help or aid that they received from the recipient.

An employee usually writes an appreciation letter to the boss who has extended his hand of help in some situation experienced by the employee such as a promotion, increment or bonus recommendation that puts the employee in the good favor of the organization. The employee acknowledges the boss’ hand of influence in the matter and writes a formal letter to express their gratitude.

Appreciation Letter To Boss – Sample

The following is an example of a Boss Appreciation Letter.


Jacque J. Andersen

Shipping Manager

Caldwell Shipping Services

Rochester, NY 14626





Donna F. Scott

Shipping Coordinator

Caldwell Shipping Services

Rochester, NY 14626


Subject:  Appreciation of your support


Dear Boss,

Please allow me to express my sincere gratitude and thanks for your strong support in my handling of some very tough clients last week. I was very encouraged by the fact that you were on my side and saw the rationale behind my decisions to implement some firm actions against a couple of our non-compliance clients.

Thank you for being so quick to size up the sticky situation with these customers last week which could have amounted to an ugly and possible lengthy stand-off. Your prompt and professional intervention saved what would otherwise have been a very stressful day.

I applaud your tact and skill in dealing with the situation effectively, appropriately handling the most aggressive clients and figuring out a way to make them accept the decisions that we had decided to implement. Your timely intervention was crucial in resolving the persisting standoff between the clients.

I take my hats off to you. You are indeed experienced in dealing with such difficult work situations and have the professionalism and keen instincts to come out on top regardless of yours adversary. I have so much more to learn from you. Thank you for guiding and mentoring me to excel in my capacity.

With appreciation,

Donna Scott

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