Appreciation Letter To A Professor

A professor’s role is multifaceted, from being a tutor to a role model. One of the most important duties of a professor is to impart knowledge to his/her students. A professor is a person after parents who show right path and encourages as well as motivates to do something magnificent. A professor helps to sort out the problem like a friend in the college.

Writing an Appreciation Letter to a professor and thanking them from the core of your heart could bring tears as well as a smile in their eyes. Appreciating the professor for imparting knowledge,  for motivating to achieve goals and showing the right path and thanking them by telling that the important person behind your success was that professor, will make them feel proud and happy. An appreciation letter may be either written by the college committee or by a student, appreciating the professor for the good things done. The letter must be written in a polite tone and in the most genuine way. Have a peek at this sample letter to get an idea of writing an appreciation letter to a professor.

Appreciation Letter To A Professor – Sample

The following is the sample letter for Appreciation Letter to a Professor.


Yale’s University,

Park Road-295,

Tasmania, Australia.

July 14, 2017.


Dr. Joy Bernard,

Physics Professor at Yale’s University,

Carter Road 952,

House No-29,

Tasmania, Australia.

Subject- Appreciation letter for your kind support and knowledge.

Dear Sir,

On behalf of the managing committee, professors, non-teaching staffs and students of Yale’s University, I am writing this letter to thank you for sharing your knowledge with this university and appreciate you for rendering 30 years of your meritorious services at Yale University.

This letter is to show our gratitude towards you and appreciates you for being such a motivation and inspiration for the students as well as for the faculty of Yale’s University. We do not want to miss the opportunity to appreciate your teaching skills which you shared with professors. Your selfless service and your keen interest in imparting knowledge to others are also an inspiration for us. We really appreciate your friendly behavior, learning capabilities and teaching skills. Your encouragement to think out of the box has helped us to raise the standard of the university. Having a professor cum guardian like you is a proud factor for us.

Words are not enough to appreciate the skills and behavior which you acquire but consider this as a token of love and gratitude from us.

We pray for your good health and thank you from the core of our heart for being the sole of this university. May you spread the light of knowledge and happiness wherever you go.


Langdon Charles,


Yale’s University.

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