Appreciation Letter For Good Service


An ‘appreciation letter for good service‘ is a letter that an individual or company writes to express their appreciation of the good service which was enjoyed by the sender of this letter. It is a letter of thankfulness which states the good service of the recipient that is appreciated by the sender. It contains a lot of emotional sentiment as well since it can make the receiver feel elevated. But nevertheless, it is a very formal letter since the person you are writing the letter is not close to you.

Structure the letter into three paragraphs, comprising of an introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. The overall tone of the appreciation letter should be polite and appreciative. In the introduction part of the letter, state the reason for writing this letter. Then go on to explain the reason why you appreciated the service provided to you. Conclude the letter by telling ‘thanks’. If you feel like the service has been exceptionally good, you can include a token of appreciation, such as a bouquet or a small gift.

Appreciation Letter For Good Service – Sample

The following is the sample of an ‘appreciation letter for good service’.


Gerry Newman,

889 Jarvis Avenue,

Buffalo, NY 18834.



Resort Management,

Free Land Resort,

82268 Willow Street,

San Antonio, TX 89930.


Subject: Appreciation of good service


I am Gerry Newman from New York. I was at your resort last month for a much need vacation, after working very hard for a year. I am glad I chose your resort because it was just what I was looking for. The tranquillity and peace offered to me during my stay there were exactly what I needed to rejuvenate myself.

During my stay there, I did not feel like I was an outsider at all. The staff members who were very caring and highly professional made me feel extremely welcome and cared for. All of them were very alert to all my needs and waited on me hand and foot. They were able to anticipate my needs so well that I felt so rested and energised to face a new year. I especially loved the morning spa treatment offered by your resort because it was extremely relaxing. Yoga in the beach during sunset was something that I am never going to forget. Because of you all, I was able to start my new year on a fresh, beautiful note.

Well done! Kudos! I shall surely return for another round of excellent service. I shall also be happy to recommend your beautiful resort to everyone I know. Do keep up the good work.


Thanking You

Yours Sincerely

Gerry Newman

Room: G930


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