Appreciation letter good service, Sample & Format

Appreciation letter good serviceAn appreciation letter good service is a letter that an individual or company could have written to express their appreciation of the good service which was enjoyed by the sender of this letter. It is a letter of thankfulness which states the good service of the recipient that is appreciated by the sender.


Gerry Newman

889 Jarvis Avenue
Buffalo, NY 18834

January 29, 2011


Resort Management

Free Land Resort

82268 Willow Street
San Antonio, TX 89930


RE:  Appreciation of good service

I was at your resort last month for a much need vacation, after working very hard for a year. I am glad I chose your resort for the tranquility I need to rejuvenate myself.

I take my hats off to your caring and professional staff who knew me by name after the first day. All of them were very alert to all my needs and waited on me hand and foot. They were able to anticipate my needs so well that I felt so rested and energized to face a new year.

Well done! Kudos! I shall surely return for another round of excellent service and recommend your beautiful resort to all I know.

In appreciation,

Gerry Newman

Room: G930

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