Appreciation Letter For Staff

Appreciation letter for the staff is written either to appreciate the work done by him (staff) or for his massive achievement in the company. The only objective of writing an appreciation letter for the staff is to praise him on the completion of the task at the workplace, for his work, and for his polite behavior. The appreciation letter should sound polite and genuine and should be written in the professional tone.

The staff getting the appreciation letter on behalf of his working place (i.e., his company or organization) will help to boost up the self-confidence within him/her and will be inspired to provide best for the company. Telling the employees or staffs about their wonderful and massive contribution, their dedication towards the work in the organization will cheer up their soul. The staff receiving it will feel as an important part of the organization and will always be motivated to do something more.

Appreciation Letter For Staff – Sample

The following is the sample letter of Appreciation Letter for Staff.


Red Chillies Multinational,

Lake Road, Chennai.



Mr. Aditya Arthur,

Project Manager, Red Chillies Multinational,

Harbour Road, Sherlok Apartment,


Subject:- Letter for your appreciation of good work.

Dear Mr. Arthur,

Being the president of Red Chillies Multinational, I write this letter to appreciate you for your contributions, hard work and all the other good things in you.

I appreciate your positive attitude towards your work and co-staffs. Your idea of helping and motivating the staffs is inspirable, and your out of the box thinking skills have helped to boost up the sales of the company. You are a gem to this company. I appreciate your keen interest, enthusiasm, and dedication towards your work which helped in achieving the target and in the launching of the new product on time even it seemed to be a bit difficult for us, but you sorted out the problem like a pro. Maintain your good work.

Last month I was asked to recommend a name for the best employee, and within a second your name flashed in my mind and I penned down your name hoping and believing that you’ll come up to the mark and will maintain mine as well as your dignity.

Meanwhile, you enjoy the success of your work and company; I send you a small token of appreciation along with this letter. Please do accept it. Your work is a worthy one. I wish you luck for your future endeavor.


Arvid Kinsley,


Red Chillies Multinational,


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