Appreciation Letter For Project Completion

Appreciation is the act of recognizing someone’s merit, their good things or it is an act of understanding and feeling someone’s worth. Appreciation is loved and cherished by everyone. A warm and friendly appreciation letter will help to maintain a positive and pleasant relationship among the team members and towards work. Just as we send a letter of thanks or appreciation to friends to make them feel good, writing an appreciation letter to colleagues will also do the same kind of magic.

The main purpose of writing this Appreciation Letter For Project Completion is to encourage the team members for their achievements and to boost up their spirit and energy level to keep them motivated for work. Writing an appreciation letter to motivate and encourage someone is considered as a good gesture for their performance. The receiver will feel motivated and always be eager and charged up to work. Having a peek at the sample of the appreciation letter for project completion will give an insight idea for writing the letter when it will come up to the person.

Appreciation Letter For Project Completion – Sample

The following is the sample letter of Appreciation Letter for Project Completion.


Sun Shine International Ltd.,

3455 Wisteria, AestroTower,

Tarasu Lane, Orlando.



Ms. Anjanie Martinez

T -96 Wisteria,

Ankaous Apartment, Flat No- 45,

Hayat Road, Orlando.

Subject: Marvellous – Appreciation for your marvelous effort in project completion.

Dear Ms. Martinez,

It is a great relief and happiness to write this letter of appreciation for the successful completion of your project work before the deadline. It is really very admiring.

Despite your busy schedule and workload, you offered to help in the completion of this project work. The inspection report elucidated that the report has been completed as per the standards and is up to the mark. Your out of box thinking skills really helped us to complete this project on time and to get out of this situation.

I really appreciate your leadership skills and your attitude towards helping your colleagues in the completion of this project. This project was very important for this company and you helped everyone come out this vague situation.

Mr. Rakchit was thrilled by the success and has offered a bonus for the entire team. Find yourself a cheque attached with this letter as a bonus and reward for your extremely helpful work. Wish you luck in your future endeavors.

Enjoy your success and keep up your good work.


Mark Maurita,

Human Resource Manager,

Sun Shine International Ltd.,

3455 Wisteria, AestroTower,

Tarasu Lane, Orlando.

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