Business Appreciation letter for good work

Appreciation letter for good work


An appreciation letter for good work is a letter written by an employer or a high official to an employee appreciating him or her for their excellent performance. It is an important letter for any employee as it is a commendation letter from a superior officer. The appreciation letter is also a very powerful tool for the management or the superior to compliment the employee as it would motivate him or her to perform better. This appreciation letter helps in instilling confidence and a sense of responsibility in the employee.

An appreciation letter is an official letter and should be written in a formal tone. The letter does not have to be very long but makes sure you appreciate the other person with real sincerity and honest. It is also worth mentioning in your letter about how his/her work or performance has contributed to the growth and success of the company. It should often be practiced in any business today.

Business Appreciation letter for good work – Sample

The sample for Business Appreciation letter for good work is given below for reference.


James Mark

Managing Director

Bright Banners Industry

Lakewood, GA 30513



Joel V. Pemberton

Security Head

Bright Banners Industry

Lakewood, GA 30513

Subject: Thank you for the good work

Dear Joel,

On behalf of the management, I am extremely glad to appreciate you and your team for your excellent service to the company. We are very pleased with your excellent work in making your rounds on the enterprise premises every night. Your diligence in so doing had paid off handsomely when you were able to catch a burglar last week on DD/MM/YYYY at 1 am.

Your quick and calm response to call the police while stationing your security team at appropriate exit points allowed the authorities to catch the burglar quickly. We highly appreciate your vigilance and alertness. Your excellent and timely service have also helped in saving the company from a loss of millions of dollars as our computers, and files contain valuable business information.

As such, the management would like to express our sincere thanks to you and your security team for the prompt action taken in last week’s incident. We are also very happy to present you and your team with a token of appreciation for the same. Please make sure everyone collect their presents from the HR department of the company. You deserve it.

Congratulations and thank you again for the good work. We also except such continued excellent service from your side.

Thanking you

Yours truly

James Mark

Managing Director

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