Appreciation letter for good performance, Sample & Format

Appreciation letter for good performanceAn appreciation letter for good performance is given to an employee or any individual who has performed a task well, giving him the due credit. This is an important letter to the employee or individual as this appreciation letter for good performance is helpful for future employment purposes or can be served as a character reference.


John Anderson

Store Manager

Big Burgers Enterprise

Lakewood, GA 39903

January 5, 2011


Arthur Haley

Store Hand

Mr. Haley

RE: Word of Appreciation for your good performance

On behalf of Big Burgers Enterprise, I am pleased to note your increasingly good performance at our store.

Since you started work with us last April, I have seen your dedication to your work and your good services to the customers. Our customers have given many positive feedbacks on your service.

You are also quick with your work to ensure the smooth running of the store, and you do not hesitate to help out your colleagues whenever there is a need. I am impressed by your willingness to stay back after the store closes to ensure that all stocks have been checked and readied for the next day although that is not part of your main responsibilities.

As such, the management is considering you for a promotion later this year.

We trust that you will continue to work well for the company’s growth so that we can enjoy more benefits together.

Well done and keep up the good performance.

On behalf of Big Burgers Enterprise,

John Anderson

Store Manager

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