Appraisal Letter

Appraisal Letter


An Appraisal Letter is written to notify the employee of his work performance during the year. After an evaluation of the employee’s job performance for the year, the employer can serve an appraisal letter to inform the employee of the company’s assessment and findings for the purpose of encouragement or improvement.

An Appraisal Letter is a formal letter and must be all inclusive- must include details about the employee and his or her working since their first day at the organization. This evaluation can be done on several parameters such as Punctuality, work ethic, commitment to projects etc. These are the most common and basic criteria based on which an employee is evaluated so it is suggested to add a line on each of these while appraising the employee. End the letter on a short note which speaks of the areas where the employee can improve or needs to work harder in.

Appraisal Letter – Sample

The sample Appraisal Letter is given below for your reference:


Matthew Dolby

Human Resource Director

Great Channels

694 Flinderation Road
Palos Park, IL 60464

October 15, 2017


Christopher Miles

Senior Officer

Great Channels

Dear Mr. Miles

RE: Appraisal Evaluation

As you are aware of the appraisal exercise that was recently conducted and completed, I am writing feedback to you on your work performance based on the evaluation performed. The following evaluation was conducted based on your performance in the past year.

You have achieved a score of 8.5 out of a total of 10 which puts you under the Excellent rating of performance. Congratulations! Your performance was evaluated based on the following parameters- Commitment, Punctuality & Work Ethic. You have done well for the past year, and the management is delighted to note your good performance. We encourage you to keep progressing with your performance in the coming year.

Based on feedback given from the Vice President of your department, we have noted that you are always the first one to reach office and last to leave whenever your work demands it. Further, the commitment and dedication with which you completed the Bali assignment was outstanding. We look forward to such work from your behalf in the future as well.

With the excellent rating, your bonus for this year will be at two months your basic salary which you will receive at the end of this month. We encourage you to constantly work as hard. It inspires not only your colleagues to do better, but your seniors to continue working hard as well.

The management looks forward to your continued good performance in the coming year.

Keep up your good work!

Yours truly,

Matthew Dolby

Human Resource Director


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