Applying for a Job Letter

Applying for a job letter


This Applying for a Job letter is written by an individual who is seeking employment. Applying for job letter needs to be formal and courteous with proper grammar and language to impress the potential employer. The job application letter should contain sufficient information about him/herself, stating relevant experience for the potential employer’s consideration. The application for job letter should be comprehensive as it should give a clear account of the applicant’s profile. The letter must be written with care and clarity.

The letter must be written formally. The application letter must mention all the details that support the application like educational qualifications, professional experiences, continuing education, hobbies and volunteer experiences. The letter should be written concisely and must be to the point. The letter must include any other additional information that may be relevant to the consideration of the application. The application job letter must be written to the human resources department of the organization that has invited the applications.

Applying for a Job Letter – Sample

The following is a Sample Application for Job Letter.


Benedict C. Kneeland,

3406 Langtown Road,

Toledo, OH 43609,

The United States of America.



Recruiting Manager,

Skyline Industry,

2836 Leisure Lane,

Los Angeles, CA 90017,

The United States of America.

Subject: Inquiry about vacancy

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing to inquire if there is any suitable employment vacancy in your esteemed organization. I am a 24-year-old male who has graduated with an Engineering degree from the reputable New York University a year ago. I was on an internship program with an overseas Engineering company in Australia and have just returned home to be closer to my family.

Enclosed are my resume and academic transcripts for your perusal and consideration of my job application. I have also included a recommendation letter from Dr. Jantharaj who was the Managing Director of the company that I previously worked in.

Besides my one-year overseas work experience with an Engineering company, I have had other summer internships with engineering related companies. I am a fast learner and a hardworking young man who is not afraid of hard work and long hours. I have also been a research scholar at Massachusetts Institute of Technology for one month where I was a fortunate to have been an acquaintance of Nobel laureate Deng Xiaoping.

Please feel free to contact my referees for a character reference for me. I am available for an interview anytime to your convenience. I am grateful for your time and consideration of this matter.

Thank you for your kind consideration on my application.


Yours truly,

Benedict Kneeland.



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