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Apply for a Job letterIntroduction

An Apply for a Job letter is written by an individual who wishes to secure a job or applies for a particular position in a firm, company or organization. She or He writes into the professional institution to inquire about a job vacancy or the future availability of a certain position with the institution.

He may enclose a resume with the job letter application for the company to consider his application favorably. The letter should be well written to impress the management for an interview. A professional tone must be maintained, and all relevant information about the candidate must be included as well. This information includes marks secured in 10th and 12th standard, along with a mention of the institution/Institutions from where you have received your degrees.

Furthermore, attach a copy of all relevant documents with the letter. It is also advised to attach a cover letter, which is a letter that describes your experience with your previous job and how that experience and skill is relevant to the position you are applying for currently.

Apply for a Job Letter – Sample


David V. Hoffman

2509 Wilkinson Street
Nashville, TN 37211

January 20, 2017


Recruitment Manager

Silver Streaks Enterprise

9933 Parson Avenue

Pittsburg, PA 15317

Dear Sir/Madam

RE: Job Application

I wrote with interest on your advertisement for a Business Consultant in the Daily Post on January 19, 2017. Your firm is one of the most successful firms in this field and your advertisement regarding an opening for the role of a business consultant in the field of Media and Communications instantly piqued my interest.

I shall be grateful if you could consider my application for the said post. I am a Business graduate with an MBA from Harvard. I have been working with some medium business organizations for the past 12 years doing strategic management and business improvements. I also pursued a degree in journalism at the undergraduate level from the very prestigious Delhi University. Given my knowledge in the field of journalism and my expertise in business operations, I feel I will be fit for this role.

Some of the SME firms I have worked with include Electronic & Co and The News. I have contributed to these firms from their inception stage, employing my data analytics skills to contribute to the growth and development of these firms. I believe my experience and contribution to the same has helped me grow exponentially.

It would be a pleasure to meet up with you to discuss my job prospects with your esteemed organization for a mutual benefit. Enclosed is a copy of my resume for your kind consideration. Attached is a list of referees for your reference.

Please feel free to call me for an interview at your convenience. My contact details are on my resume.


Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

David Hoffman

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