Application Request Letter For Admission, Sample & Format


An application request letter for admission is a letter that is written to seek admission in a desired college or university or any other place of interest. This letter is of a formal nature. This letter is one such letter that is written by an individual to get admission in specific college or university or school.

Also, it is mandatory to maintain a strict formal tone while writing application request letter for admission. Make sure you keep it straightforward and short. Although you can voice your questions through this letter, make sure you don’t make it entirely an interrogative letter and try avoiding the obvious questions. Mention explicitly that you have written the letter to look for an admission in that place and that you are trying to be part of that place. Mention why you deserve to be at that place and talk about your qualities.

Application Request Letter For Admission – SAMPLE

Given below is a sample of admission letter that might be of help:


Namrata Agarwal

Birsa Dahar Road





Khaitan and Company

Emerald House

7B Kiran Shankar Ray Road



Subject: Application letter for admission.


Dear Sir/Ma’am,

This is to bring to your notice that I am a student of law and am studying in a private university (name and address of the school). I have just stepped into my third year of college, and I am writing this letter to you to tell you that I am seeking to get admission in your law firm as a trainee. I have big dreams, and high aspirations for myself as every other person has in his life, Every day in life is a challenge, and I am sure that this field is the same but as hardworking as I am, I am particularly willing to offer a lot to the world, and this is the platform through which I can.

Kindly consider this letter as a priority, I have chosen Khaitan & Company because I think I have countless ways to grow in my career.

Yours sincerely

Namrata Agarwal.

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