Application Letter For Transfer Certificate

An application letter for a transfer certificate is one that is written when one is leaving particular place or institution. This certificate is a formal procedure by which one can officially leave an institution and join another. Without this document, it ‘s hard to take any measures regarding the transfer. As it is a formal document, there is a proper format with which this certificate is written, but for one to make such a certificate, there needs to be an application that should be raised.

This application letter for transfer certificate can entail the reason why one is applying for this kind of a certificate. It has to be of a formal nature and must showcase the grievances against the place if any. Also, ensure to keep the letter brief. One might maintain a one-liner letter format but do not forget to address the concerned authority properly.

Application Letter For Transfer Certificate – SAMPLE

The sample for Application Letter For Transfer Certificate is given below:


The Principal

Mahadevi Birla Shishu Vihar

4, Ironside Road




Namrata Saraogi

Rajarhat Road


Subject: Regarding transfer certificate

Dear Ma’am/ Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that I Namrata Saraogi of class 8 wants to apply for a transfer certificate. This is because my father is posted to Maharashtra and I will too be moving with my family for which I will have to keep all the necessary documents ready, and this can be only done if you provide me with the same at the earliest. I will be leaving school as soon as this term ends and I will have to apply to other schools for admission well in advance. Also, please me if there are other documents necessary to be submitted as well. Furtheron, my special interest lies in the field of art and music as well as writing poems and playing chess.

Kindly consider this matter as a priority, please. I am also requesting for you to give me multiple copies of it if possible because I might have to give in originals at other places and that would turn out to be a mess. I have attached a passport sized photo of mine which has been self-attested for any need whatsoever along with this letter. Also, lastly I am highly honored to be able to have been a part of this institution. I wish I were able to continue but like they say all good things have to end.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Namrata Saraogi

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