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In certain offices or institutions, it is acceptable for people to seek a promotion to apply for one as well. In fact, certain places require you to write a promotion letter. AnĀ Application Letter For Promotion is a professional letter and therefore must be written in as formal a way as possible without being offensive or demanding in any way.

Start the Application Letter For Promotion by mentioning your experience with the firm or institution. Proceed by elaborating on what all you have learned in your time spent at the particular position. Then write about why you think you are the right candidate for a promotion or why you are fit to be promoted. It is advised to attach a copy of your resume and other relevant information such as the copy of your degree. One could also get a reference letter or a cover letter written by someone else which nominates you for this position.

Application Letter For Promotion – Sample



KR School

Lucknow -1836353





19 Apt

Rosewood House

Lucknow – 81652


Subject: Application for Promotion

Respected Ma’am

I first joined KR School as an ad-hoc teacher in MM/YYYY. According to the school policy, a recruit must serve as an Adhoc teacher for six months before applying for the post of a permanent teacher with the school. Since I have completed the required time of 6 months, I am writing this application to seek promotion as a permanent teacher with KR School.

Having served as a teacher for three years, I must say KR school is the best institution I have worked at so far. In my six months here I have had the opportunity to learn so much. I taught Political Science to classes 9 and 10. The students I have taught have such caliber and intellect. I employed a comprehensive method of teaching them- through presentations and documentaries. I feel a visual representation of their syllabus has facilitated their learning of the same.

In my time here, I also worked as the MUN coordinator under Ms. Kanu Chopra. We organized the school’s annual model united nations where students were able to put forth logical arguments to present day political issues, an activity which promises personal growth for all that participate- including the teachers.

In the semester exams that were conducted last month, in each of the classes I taught, over 20 kids out of a class of 30 scored above an 80%.

I am extremely hardworking and dedicated to my job. Teaching is my passion and hopes it positively reflects my work as well. I would be grateful if you considered my application for a promotion.

Please find a copy of my resume and degree attached with this letter.

Thank you

Malini Singh


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