Application Letter For Job

An application letter for a job is written by an applicant who is seeking a job to the human resources department or recruiters of the job. The job application letter is a formal letter which is usually written by a claimant after receiving a notice from the organization that seeks to recruit employees to its vacancies. The application for job letter must be written in a formal manner with detailed description about education and work experiences. The application job letter must include reasons as to why that individual is best suited for the job and must include relevant information that strengthens the application.

The application letter for job must also include details about past experiences that are closely related to the present application. The letter must also include details about the nature and level of employment. Human resources departments look at the motivation for taking up the job. Therefore a statement of motivation must be included that supports the application. The letter must also mention the additional documents that have been attached to the application.

Application Letter For Job – Sample

The following is a Sample Application Letter for Job.


Rajesh Koothrapalli,


West Lane,





Mario Brando,

Human Resources and Recruitment Manager,

Reston Technologie,

West View,



Subject: Programmer job application letter.

Dear Sir,

I write this letter to inform you of my interest in applying for the vacancy that your esteemed company advertised in The Hindu newspaper on DD/MM/YYYY. The opening advertised is for a Software Programmer, and I have five years of post qualification as a software programmer. I have worked in various cities in Utopia, and I have diverse experiences to my credit in the field of programming and web page designing.

I am capable of completing a medium sized project in web designing within three weeks if the organization provides all the relevant information. As I live in the same city, I do not require relocation allowances, and I would be best suited for emergency calls. I have graduated from the University of London in Computer Programming, and this education adds to my reputation and expertise.

I have attached relevant marks cards to this application forms including my academic certificates. I request you to review it kindly. Please contact me in case you need any further information. I will send you any other relevant information via email, for your consideration and appraisal.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Best regards,

Rajesh Koothrapalli,




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