Application Letter For Job


An Application letter for job is written by a job seeker. The application letter for job should be formal and attractive to attract the attention and interest of the recipient to warrant at least an interview. The job application letter should contain relevant information about the applicant for the addressee to make a better consideration of its request.

The job application letter should provide the full details about the applicant such as his educational details, i.e., where he/she got graduated and in which area. He/she should mention if he has any experience in the advertised job before if so he/she should say some details about it. He/she should attach his resume or CV with this letter as it is compulsory while applying for a job. By seeing the resume or CV the person who is recruiting can get a clear picture of the applicant. In the end, the candidate should mention in an application letter for job that he/she is anticipating a positive reply.

Application Letter For Job – Sample

The following is a sample of the Application letter.


Arthur Keyes,

363 Haley Road,

Toronto, ON M3B 2W6.



Human Resource Director,

Fairview Industry,

Toronto, ON M4C 3Y2.

Subject: Application letter

Dear Sir / Madam,

I am  Arthur Keyes, and I am writing this letter in response to your advertised position of Management Trainee which was published in the Weekly Bugle last Friday.  It would be my pleasure to work with your esteemed organization as I am quite familiar with your industry. I will be graduating this fall from Toronto Vocational School of Arts with a Diploma in Management. Attached is a copy of my previous semesters’ transcripts for your kind perusal.

It has always been fascinating to me to indulge in the management aspects of an organization which accounts for my active involvement in various clubs and societies in the past, holding various posts to understand all aspects of an ‘organization.’ I was awarded so many times for correctly organizing the events in my college. As practical knowledge is critical in this field, I think I am very suitable for the job. If you see my transcripts, you may get little disappointed with my grades, but I can assure that I am excellent at management and organizing skills. I am also attaching my resume with the letter, and if you go through it, you can get a clear picture of me and my skills. I look forward to an interview to discuss my possible contribution to your esteemed company. Thank you for your kind consideration on my application.

Yours truly,

Arthur Keyes.


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