Application For Transfer Certificate


A transfer certificate is issued by a professional or a college. The whole purpose of a transfer certificate is to vouch that the person has all necessary permission to move on from the previous institution to the new one. There are no outstanding claims against the individual and that he or she has all the necessary clearance required.

The letter under consideration below is a student asking for her transfer certificate from school as it is needed for admission in college. In such cases, students are required to initiate and furnish a proper application that requests a transfer certificate from the organization/ institution.  This is a formal letter that must mention all necessary details about the student. In case the student asks someone else to collect the transfer certificate on his/her behalf, then the person must also have a letter of permission with them. The sample Application For Transfer Certificate below will help you write a good one.

Application For Transfer Certificate – Sample


PDS School

Sec 45




R. Sharma

Green Road

House 8


Subject: Authorization to collect Document

To whom so ever it may concern,

I recently completed my senior secondary education from Public Delhi School. I am a graduate of batch of YYYY, and as per the guidelines handed out by the administration, the following are the list of certificates I am expected to collect from the school-

  1. Passing Certificate
  2. Mark Sheet
  3. Migration Certificate
  4. Transfer Certificate
  5. Character Certificate

Of all the documents mentioned above, I have collected them all except for my transfer certificate. The day I had come to collect it, the document was not ready, so I was asked to write a letter about the same to the administration office.

I am seeking admission in the prestigious Delhi University, and as per the admission criteria, I am expected to furnish a transfer certificate from the school I have graduated from.

I would like to bring to your attention that I have a clean record and do not have any outstanding payments or dues against me. I would request you to kindly consider my case and prepare my transfer certificate at the earliest. The last day to submit my transfer certificate to the college is 1st September, so I kindly request you to keep it ready before that.

In the case of any discrepancies, please feel free to reach out to me at My contact number is-124443222. I thank you for considering my application and request you to reach out to me at the earliest.

Thank you

Ranjana K

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