Application for Leave Letter

Application for Leave Letter


When working in a corporate office, it is essential for an employee to seek permission from the Management of the Organization about any leave that you would require from work due to whatever personal reasons of yours. This intimidates the management well in advance that you would not be present and gives them enough time to make proper arrangements for while you are absent such that work does not get affected.

An Application for Leave letter is written by the employee to the management or his superior to inform the company of his intention to take a leave of absence from work using his leave days, as provided by any company for a confirmed staff. AnApplication for Leave letter should be amiable and specific on the days of leave required. The leave letter should be given well in advance and should seek permission rather than to just let the management know that you would not be coming.

Application for Leave Letter – Sample

The following is a sample of an Application for Leave Letter


David L. Vasquez

4718 Oak Way
Omaha, NE 68154



Mr. Josh Manning

Personnel Manager

Dalton Database Services

2085 Stuart Street
Gibsonia, PA 15044

Subject: Application for Leave

Dear Sir,

I, David Vasquez, Accounts Officer in the Commercial Division of Dalton Database Services, would like to apply for a leave from DD/MM to DD/MM/YYYY.

This leave is to clear the outstanding balance of leave days that are due to me as our company’s financial year is in March, and I have been advised by the management to clear any outstanding leave before then. From your records, I have nine days left from this year which I will clear with this leave application.

I would like to use these leave days to spend some more time with my family and go for a little vacation. Though I would not be available on my regular contact numbers during those nine days, I have left my emergency contact details with the Human Resource Department, in case there is any query that anyone from the office might have. Also, I have briefed my colleague, Dylan Marks, about my duties and responsibilities, so I would like to suggest him to be my substitute for the time I am gone.

These requested leave days are the best time to take as the workload in the division is at its lowest. My superior, Ms. Hannah Jones, recommends these dates off too.

I look forward to your quick approval to facilitate my leave plans.

Thanking you.

Yours sincerely,

David Manning

Accounts Officer, Commercial Division

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