Application Follow Up Letter

Application follow up Letter



An Application follow-up letter is written by a hopeful job applicant who writes to the organization following his job application letter. The individual takes the initiative to write to the company to know about his or her chances of getting the position. Make certain that the letter is formal and polite as well as do not try to sound demanding or desperate for the job.

A follow-up letter will help the management know that you are interested in the post and it might also help you in keeping your application in their mind. There are some important points that you should consider which are mentioned below:

  • In the first paragraph, you should thank the interviewer for taking the time out and interviewing you.
  • In the second paragraph of the application, a follow-up letter should mention the reasons why you are perfect for the position.
  • The third section should mention anything that did not mention about in the interview, and you would like the management know.
  • The closing paragraph should include an appreciation for being considered and let the reader know that you are looking forward to hearing from him/her soon with positive news.

Wait a week or two after sending your job application. If you don’t hear back by then, consider sending a letter. Keep the letter crisp and precise.  Ensure that the letter sounds professional and polite. Go through the application follow-up letter before you send it out. Also, ensure that the letter is in the right professional format.

Application Follow Up Letter – Sample


Joe Manor

85 Plain Street
Oakland, ME 33464



Great Eastern Solutions

773 Grand Street
San Francisco, CA 98330

Subject: Application Follow-Up

Dear Sir / Madam,

I thank you for taking time out and interviewing me on DD/MM/YYYY.

I am writing to enquire about my status with regards to the post of Programmer applied for in your esteemed company. My application letter was dated DD/MM/YYYY, with a resume attached. I have not heard any news from you since. I wonder if the mail could be lost.

I am an experienced programmer with an international trading company, servicing their computer systems but my forte is writing application programs for commercial businesses. I know PHP, Linux, SAP, and HTML. Hence, I am most interested in joining your team of programmers for such a position.

I enclose a copy of my resume again for your kind consideration. I would welcome an interview at your convenience.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Joe Manor

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