Application Confirmation Letter

An application confirmation letter is written by an organization to an applicant upon receipt of the application from the applicant. The letter is an acknowledgment that the application with all the necessary documents has been received.  The letter ensures that the applicant may now proceed to further steps in the application process if there are any remaining.  An application confirmation letter is written by the organization as a proof to record receipt of the application documents, as requested in the application form or procedure.

The application confirmation letter must be written in a formal manner, usually on the letterhead of the organization so that it is legally valid. The letter must mention all the documents that were received in the mail. The letter should mention the date of receipt of the documents along with the application. The letter should mention details about the application, including details such as further information that needs to be sent by the applicant.

Application Confirmation Letter – Sample

The following is a Sample Letter of Application Confirmation Letter.


John Doe,

Admissions Department,

Fulbright Scholarships Centre,

Baton Rouge,


The United States of America.

Date: 22 July 1776.


Martha Henson Black White,

East Ville City,

Kentucky County,



Subject: Application confirmation letter.

Dear Madam,

I write this letter to bring to your attention that the Admissions Office of Fulbright Scholarship Association has received your application and supporting documents, as requested by the Office on our first correspondence on March 22, 1776. The application letter with supporting documents was received by our office on 22 June 1776. The application form was reviewed and it is complete with requisite information.

The supporting documents that you sent us were your academic certificates, internship letters, volunteering certificates, work experience letters and your identification cards. The documents have been verified to be true. The payment of 100 USD on our portal was accepted by the Office. The letters of recommendations have been received from your referees. The letters of sponsorship were received by the Utopian Government.

To proceed with your application, we require you to submit the assessment report of educational equivalence by the Council of Education. We must receive the documents in original by the 3rd of August, 1776. We shall intimate you if we require any further information from your side. Please treat this letter as an acknowledgment letter, as an email will not be sent to you.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,

John Doe,

Admissions Department,

Fulbright Scholarships Centre.


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