Application Cancellation Letter

An Application Cancellation Letter is written by an applicant to the organization to which he/she sent an application, so as to cancel the application that has been already forwarded to the organization. The letter must express the reasons for canceling the use. An Application Cancellation Letter should mention other details that are relevant in assessing the cancellation procedures. Application cancellation letter is written by the applicant who wishes to terminate the application and not carry forwards the application process for various reasons.

The letter must mention details about the application as the date of receipt, materials sent with the application including academic transcripts, recommendation letters, application forms, etc. The letter must mention specific reasons of the cancellation, so as to avoid ambiguity. The letter should be detailed about the prospects of the applicant. The letter may be used to inquire whether it is possible to defer admissions into the organization at a future date.

Application Cancellation Letter – Sample

The following is a Sample Application Cancellation Letter.


Suresh Sharma,

Nuit Hut Place,

East Ville,

Philadelphia City,


22 July 1776.


John Doe,

Manager- Applications,

Fulbright Scholarship Funds,

United States of Africa Department of State,



Subject: Application Cancellation Letter.

Dear Sir,

I write this letter to inform you of my decision to withdraw my application for the Fulbright Scholarship at the University of Namibia. I request you to kindly cancel my application and remove the application from the pool of applicants. The reason for my withdrawal is that I wish to pursue  Doctor of Philosophy degree at Harvard University in Utopia before I conduct research as a Fulbright Scholar. I have received an acceptance letter from Harvard University, and I wish t begin my Doctor of Philosophy studies from the Fall semester of 1776.

In the application form, I had mentioned about my passion for research in the International Relations field. Therefore after deliberation and careful consideration, I believe that the best choice is to complete a Ph.D. This will, I am sure, will give me a greater confidence in understanding the complexities of the subject and I am sure that it will equip me with more excellent tools to assess the problems.

I hope to defer my admission as a Fulbright Fellow, and I will certainly apply once again to conduct research at the University of Namibia upon completion of my academic studies.

Thank you for your assistance.


Suresh Sharma.


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