Appeal Letter To University

An appeal letter to the university is written by a student to the university to raise a formal appeal against any particular decision of the university with regards to that student. The letter is a formal complaint. The letter acts as an appeal, requesting a higher authority to review the decision of a lower authority. An appeal letter is usually written by an applicant who has received a decision from a lower authority regarding a complaint that the applicant has raised.

An Appeal Letter To University must provide a detailed description of the situation that has caused the student to complain. An appeal letter must include any supporting documents that may be relevant in assessing the appeal. The letter must also mention the lower authority from which the request is being made so that the authorities can assess the situation clearly. The letter must specify any other information that may be relevant to assess the situation.

Appeal Letter To University – Sample

The following is a Sample Appeal Letter to University.


Rajesh Koothrapalli,

Westward House,






Navjot Sadhu,

Grievance Manager,

East West College,

Univerity Lane,


Subject: Appeal letter.

Dear Sir,

I at this moment wish to gently draw your attention to a complaint that I made to the complaints committee of the college on DD/MM/YYYY. The complaint was regarding the crowded cafeteria in the basement that has been operating in overcapacity since early YYYY. The full cafeteria is a great inconvenience to the teachers and the student alike who would wish to purchase their meals from the cafeteria.

I wrote a complaint letter requesting the college to expand the cafeteria by constructing a larger kitchen. However, the reply to this suggestions letter has been very rude. The council of complaints has reprimanded me for making this suggestion by barring me from sending any more complaint letters to the council.

I, therefore, wish to appeal this decision to the council because I firmly believe that I have the right and responsibility to voice my opinion for the betterment of the college. I request you to kindly consider the matter and provide a just decision that encourages active participation from the side of the students in uplifting the functioning of the college.

I have attached the original complaint letter with this mail. Kindly review the same.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

Rajesh Koothrapalli.


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