Appeal letter to Insurance Company


An appeal letter to the insurance company is submitted by an individual or company to its insurance company to appeal on the claim submitted. The appeal should be relevant with sufficient proof attached for the insurance company to consider a favorable decision. It could be a request for the flexibility of the terms and conditions applied to the claim. Writing an appeal letter to insurance company must be formal enough. The language used must be polite in nature.

Through this kind of appeal letter, you can place your point of view or any kind of problem to the respective insurance company. If any service made by the insurance company is not according to your wishes then, in that case, you can make an appeal to the company. The company would grant you the respective service in the best possible way. Below is a sample letter for appeal to the insurance company.

Appeal letter to Insurance Company – Sample

This is the sample letter for appeal to the insurance company.


Mark Spencer,

4862 Pine Tree Lane,
Reston, MD 20191

10th May 2011


Claims Officer,

Double Secure Insurance Agency,

993 Pristine Street,
Washington, VA 23935

Subject: Appeal on Insurance Claim

Dear Sir,

As informed over the telephone, I am writing formally to appeal to you on the list of items stolen from my home in the break-in last month. I had contacted your company previously and was told to write an appeal letter mentioning all the items that had been stolen from my home. This break-in has brought a huge loss for me. Hence I would like to make an appeal to the insurance company so that it can be claimed.

During the initial checklist, I only managed to identify a specific number of items missing from my home, due to the shock and mess of the break in. However, after three to four weeks, I have discovered the loss of my DSLR camera which was purchased last year and kept in the store room down in the basement. Few of my valuable and important documents are also missing from my place.

I would like to appeal that these newly discovered missing items be included in the insurance claims although you have mentioned that the processing is nearly completed. It is an expensive item which was in excellent condition as it was rarely used since its purchase.

I would like to thank you in advance for your kind compassion in considering my appeal. I request you to kindly take an action immediately as I have suffered a great loss due to this break-in. I would like you to kindly inform me at the earliest about any details that are found out.

Yours sincerely,

Mark Spencer

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