Appeal Letter For Financial Aid

An appeal letter for financial aid is a letter written by a person to the person in charge asking for financial aid. Sometimes one needs a financial aid for studies, medical services or purchasing a car or house. The letter is a formal letter. It can be written to the bank manager where one is applying for a loan. Or it can be written to the dean of college by a student to ask for financial aid for his/ her studies.

Make sure you tell them the reason why do you want the financial aid. Provide them with any official records to back up your claim. Do not beat around the bush but keep the letter straight to point. You should check the appeal letter for financial aid again for any type of errors. Be humble as you are asking for something from the receiver. Do not get too personal as it is a formal letter.

Appeal Letter For Financial Aid – Sample

The following is a sample of Appeal Letter For Financial Aid.


Peyton Sawyer,

Second Year, B. Tech,

Room No. 231, Marie Curie Hostel,

Boston University.



Karen Roe,


House No. 65, D-Block,

Boston University,

Subject: Appeal for Financial Aid

Respected Ma’am,

This is Peyton Sawyer, I am currently studying in the second year of mechanical engineering at Boston University. I am writing to request you to provide me financial aid. My father is the only earning member in our family. He recently lost his job due to his health issues and his health is preventing him from getting another job. He also has to support my sister and my mother. He has paid my hostel and mess fee but is unable to pay my tuition fee.

I have been an exemplary student for the past 2 years. I have maintained a CGPA of 9. I have won many inter-college debates and math quizzes. I am on the University’s football team. I am also in the student council. Even before college, I was a topper in my school with a lot of accolades for extracurricular activities. I would be really helpful if you grant me a financial aid.

I have attached Xerox my family’s income sources, tax paper, my marks sheets and my certificates. I hope you will find them satisfactory and provide me with the much needed financial aid. I make sure I won’t let you down. Also knowing that my fee is taken care of I would be able to concentrate on my studies. I would be very grateful to you.

Thanking You.

Yours Sincerely,

Peyton Sawyer

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